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My three sons have served in different parts of our homeland… and this is my greatest pride.

I want the soldiers to know – their homeland do not need to love or not love because of the fact that it is good or bad, you must love the Motherland, because it is unique, the ONLY ONE.

Samvel Beglaryan is a member of the Unions of Writers, Journalists and Actors, chairman of Tavush branch of the Union of Writers of Armenia. He was the founder of the first group of self-defense of Noyemberian, participated in the actions of self-defense of Barekamavan, Kochi, Voskevan, Voskepar, Kirants, native village Baghanis. He was awarded a number of departmental medals and diplomas. Many of his works were written during the war years. Collection of poems dedicated to the army, the soldiers and the homeland in 2015 has been awarded a joint prize of the Union of Writers and the Ministry of Defense.

Samvel Beglaryan has its own page on Facebook, where he writes very nicely and interesting about soldiers on the border of the country, and calls himself not a “resident of the border zone,” but a border guard.

Through the years after the signing of the ceasefire Samvel Beglaryan feels himself a warrior defending the front line, knows the nature of the enemy, his weaknesses and considers it his duty to monitor the daily movements that go across the border.

“The Azerbaijani army is like a bad football team that plays without rules, it is unpredictable. Their weak point is that they have no fighting spirit, at the first loss flee in panic, leaving their wounded comrades… But if they are successful, they become very cruel, mocking wounded and captured. Soldier should not do such a thing. He must fight.

But our soldiers are brave, courageous, fighting to the end, do not like to depart and leave no comrade – dead or alive.”

Recently it became known that the “ABCs of bear hunting” of Samvel Beglaryan (25 years… essays, reports, publications), has been awarded the prize after M.Nalbandyan of the Armenian Writers’ Union as the best journalistic work of the year, on the occasion of which we congratulate the author.


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