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Mkrtich Gevorgyan, who serves in a training military unit acting under the command of Colonel A. Petrosyan, is one of the best soldiers of the military unit. “He is an exemplary, multilaterally developed young man”, – Captain Hamayak Ashotyan so characterizes his subordinate.

– When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a soldier, – says Mkrtich. – My father served in the frontier troops, was chief of the communication. But then I was attracted to another world – theater, and I went to Theater University, was the student of the master of theater and cinema, the great Sos Sargsyan, I starred in the film «Garegin Nzhdeh». Also I am writing patriotic and folk songs. I never thought that I will not serve. Army tempers you, both physically and spiritually, you become more independent and are guided quickly. Soon the stage of the development of professional knowledge will end, and I will go to another military unit as a squad leader, I will be the commander of the mortar. I’ll transfer my experience and knowledge to my soldiers with the same dedication and responsibility, how did my older comrades.

Being a defender of the motherland – this is duty and responsibility, and pride as well. Serve with dignity and conscious: the homeland is our reference point! …


P.S. After the service, Mkrtich Gevorgyan will continue to study in a magistracy. He will have a lot of roles, however, I think better and more convincingly, he will play the role of an Armenian soldier, because he will play himself.

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