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After the end of the relevant courses of the Military Aviation Institute after Marshal Armenak Khanperyants, I and my classmate Dzyunik Aveyan enlisted in the air-defense forces.

The most important one was the first day, and it began wonderfully, the command staff received us warmly. At that moment, I was the happiest person in the world. Our arrival at the military unit coincided with the trainings, and, as they say, without foreplay we entered the military life. We were all equal, but representatives of the “weaker sex” were always under scrutiny of the officers. With their guidance and advice commander of the military unit, Colonel M.Sahakyan, his deputy, Lt. Colonel G.Nazaretyan, Colonels G.Zeynalyan, Kh.Torosyan helped us a lot.

And recently, we participated in the 10-day refresher courses in one of the units of air-defense. The course was very interesting, every hour was filled. By completion of the course some of us, including myself, have received gratitude-letters. When I returned to our unit, our deputy commander congratulated me in front of all personnel. That day was the happiest day of my life.

I, as an officer of the Armenian Army, feel obligated to my commanders and the people. I am sure that I’ll fulfill holy the tasks assigned to me, and will keep high the honor and title of the Armenian officer.


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