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Brothers Thovmas and Petros were saved from Vardanyan big family and settled in the village of Davitashen of Talin region. Tumo and Peto were famous storytellers. In the long winter evenings the villagers gathered around them and listened to their tales, stories. Sometimes they fell silent and faintly uttered, “Oh, my beloved country,” and everyone knew that they again remembered village Akhund of Sasun and the holy relics which were left there.

After years Tumo’s grandson, the son of his son Armenak, Meruzhan became one of the first soldiers of the Armenian army and fought bravely in Lachin-Kashatagh, became a member of the Talin detachment under the command of Sargis Karapetyan, fought with Peto – Petros Ghevondyan, became a devoted soldier of Shushi special battalion.

Meruzhan has three sons – Armenak, Michael and Harutyun. When Meruzhan accompanied Armenak to the army, he said: “The heroic voice of my weapons were heard in Akhund, let the voice of your weapons will also be victorious. Do not let me down.”

Middle son Michael, according to his own application, also was sent to Artsakh and serves with his brother in the same military unit. In front of the personnel their commander said to the brothers: “I know you are aware of the extent of your responsibility and your duty, but you must not only write your biography, but also enrich the biography of your fathers and grandfathers.”

Now both brothers are sergeants. Recently personally by the commander of the Defense Army they were awarded certificates for excellent service. They love to talk about their commander, Arthur Ghulyan, who is the son of the hero of Artsakh Ashot Ghulyan. They tell also about Andranik, who at 9-10 years, joined the squad of their father Meruzhan where thay called him the “son of the regiment.”

Now Andranik frequently visits the brothers, tries to give them some warmth, which at the time he received from the warriors, from Meruzhan.

I also want to say words of gratitude to Arsen, brother of heroically perished Aram Grigorian, who, being familiar with the merits of Meruzhan, comrade of his brother, expressed his wish that it should be written about this family, each member of which modestly and without words, is doing his duty to his country.

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