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Soon my son will be called to the army. I learned that in the assembly point will no longer be done vaccination, but only in the civilian medical institutions. Why the order has been changed?


According to the joint order of the Ministers of Defense and Health of 2014, pre-vaccination of recruits is carried out in outpatient clinics. Vaccinations are done immediately after the attachment of 15-year olds in the military enlistment offices and completed in 16 years, providing 1 dose vaccination of hepatitis A, meningococcal, pneumococcal, ADP-M, tularemia.

Preservative inoculations of the called-up for compulsory military service are carried out a few months before being called in clinics attached to the military commissariats of Armenia.

– Prior to this decision vaccination of recruits was made directly at the central collection point of the Defense Ministry, a few hours before they were sent to the military units.

– It is more effective to do vaccinations in territorial clinics since here the guy is already examined, here they are more aware of his state of health. The new procedure also gives the opportunity to have full control over the health of conscripts in after-vaccination period, – said director of children’s polyclinic “Arabkir” Areg Nargizyan.


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