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Ms.Lucy works in the Committee of mothers of perished servicemen of Erebuni area. His son, Armen, died in 1994 in Brnakot.

– My son was studying in the high school named after Paronyan, where Persian language was taught. He loved the language, was a good student. His teacher of Persian said, Armen will become either an ambassador, or translator. I brought up my two children – Armen and Anna alone. It was hard, but our family was happy. Armen attended classes of violin, karate. At the final event Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Sobhani was also present. Hearing Armen’s crisp and clear Persian the Ambassador promised that he’ll arrange Armen’s education in one of the leading universities in Iran.

Armen went to serve in the army. The agreement on a cease-fire was already signed, we all rejoiced. But suddenly my mother called me up: on the radio they told – Brnakot is bombed, there are victims. Soon we learned that after a three-hour battle, our guys were able to throw back the enemy soldiers… at the cost of their lives. And one of those heroes was Armen.

After some time, we received a document from Iran that Armen Vardanyan entered the University of Iran… The Iranian ambassador did not forget his promise, did not forget Armen…


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