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The commander of the air defense military unit is Lt. Col. Karen Darbinyan.

The task of the division under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Vachagan Ghazaryan is the safety and protection of the security of our airspace from the enemy offensive.

In November 2014, during the joint exercises of RA Armed Forces and Army of Defense of NKR in Artsakh, the division completing 100km hike, fulfilled the task and was encouraged by NKR President Bako Sahakyan and head of the General Staff of RA Armed Forces, Colonel-General Yu.Khachaturov.

In May and June, 2015 this division also participated in a joint tactical military professional training of military unions under the command of Major General Andranik Makaryan and Colonel Tigran Parvanyan which purpose was – to protect motorized rifle military unions from the air attacks of the enemy. Fully performing the combat mission, the personnel received a positive evaluation.

Division is equipped with contract servicemen, who are highly trained, and at any moment can give a fitting rebuff to the enemy.

In the air defense sub-unit by their diligent service stood out Captain V.Tregubov, graduates of the Academy of the Russian Federation, battery commander, Captain T.Manvelyan and head of the department of information visualization S.Mosikyan, deputy battalion commander, Major A.Bakhshyan, senior lieutenants Hakobyan and S.Sahakyan…

The military unit is fully equipped with modern appliances, and all the living conditions and amenities. As they say, here it is possible to live and conduct vigilant service.


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