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The military unit under the command of Lieutenant Colonel S.Khachatryan marks 21-year anniversary. In the early 1990s combat support units were formed – tank company, anti-aircraft and artillery batteries. On August 30, 1994, by order of the RA Defense Ministry with the unification of these units the military unit was formed.

Its commanders were: Colonel Valery Chitchyan, Major Alexander Makhsudyan, Lieutenant-Colonel (now – Major General) Artak Davtyan, Colonel Gevorg Yenokyan, Colonel Norik Amirkhanyan, Colonel Vahagn Asatryan. Since May, 2015, regimental commander is Lieutenant Colonel Soghomon Khachatryan.

Commander of the military unit, Colonel S.Khachatryan noted in his speech: “Today, every soldier of our military unit, as the military, ensuring the safety of the north-eastern borders of the Republic of Armenia, realizes the importance of his mission, as a defender of the motherland. And in this case the following words of the Minister of Defence are the benchmark for us: “Our most important weapon is our high morale and high combat training”.”


Then Colonel S.Khachatryan, his deputy, Lieutenant Colonel M.Budaghyan and chairman of Veterans Union of Karabakh passed martial strongholds, congratulating soldiers with the 21st anniversary. Addressing the soldiers, they said: “Dear soldiers! Country of Armenia – is a paradise, and you are the defenders of the doors of paradise.”


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