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By RA Presidential Decree of 20 September 1996, Vahagen Vardevanyan was awarded the Order of “Battle Cross” of 1st degree. By Decree no.70 of NKR President he was awarded the Order of “Battle Cross” of 1st degree posthumously.

By NKR Presidential Decree of 8 May 2006 he was awarded the “Golden Eagle”, which is given to the person who is awarded the title Hero of Artsakh.

Vahagen Vardevanyan was born on December 27, 1996 in Yerevan. In 1990 in Shengavit district of Yerevan a group was formed headed by Hovik Geroyan, and Vahagen joins the group and participates in military operations.

On July 28, 1993 on the order of RA Acting Defense Minister Lieutenant General Norat Ter-Grigoryan, Lieutenant Vardevanyan officially was included in the RA Armed Forces and appointed assistant chief of motorized rifle brigade. According to his immediate superior, General Felix Gzoghlyan, “Senior Lieutenant Vardevanyan was a discovery for me. Such dedicated people needed the army, like air and water. In Vahagen strength and kindness were combined, giving invaluable human quality.”

Vahagen was killed in April, 1994.

Rouben Sahakyan

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