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Interview with Deputy Head of the Combat Training, Colonel Sassoun Badasyan.

– Activities of the sergeants’ contract system in the Armed Forces of RA is regulated by the order approved by the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia “Regulations of contractual sergeant’s military service in the RA Armed Forces.” Collection of candidates is carried out in the territorial military enlistment offices and military associations throughout the year, and their election – by a respective commission twice a year – in June and December.

Requirements for candidates: up to 30 years of age, 1,5 years of experience of urgent active military service, to be fit for military service or to be registered in the reserve privates, passed urgent military service. Plan for training of senior sergeants on contract is designed for 4 months. In the last week the examinations are held.

The purpose of the courses: to give senior sergeant the necessary knowledge to conduct battle in a difficult situation, solving difficult problems and for the education of soldiers. Their preparation is carried out in the field, with the study and application of all types of weapons and military equipment. 30% of the trainings are held at night. Sergeants-contractors must have leadership skills to command a military unit and must transmit their knowledge to subordinate personnel.

At the end of the academic period exams are held on public and state, military, fire preparation, physical training and charter.

Contract sergeants enjoy social benefits, for certain officers and warrant officers. Their social and legal safeguards are implemented by the RA laws “On Military Service” and “On social security of servicemen and members of their families.”


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