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Russian media reported that the May 9 parade of the 70th anniversary of Victory in Vladivostok took Admiral Sergey Avagyants.

Sergey Hovsep Avagyants was born on April 6, 1957 in Yerevan, in the family of an officer of Naval Forces of the USSR. He graduated from the Black Sea Higher Naval School after P.Nakhimov, then studied at the Naval Academy after Admiral N.Kuznetsov and the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Federation.

He served in the Northern Fleet on the ship “Admiral Yumashev”. Since May, 2007 has served as commander of the Novorossiysk naval station of the Black Sea fleet, but after a while again was sent to the Pacific Fleet.

On the Presidential Decree of 25 August, 2010 Avagyants was appointed as chief of staff of the Pacific Fleet, this post he held until May 3, 2012. In 2014 he was awarded the rank of Admiral.

During the service he was awarded medals, including the Medal of the 2nd degree “For Service to the Fatherland”, “For military service”, “For naval service”, “For Service to Motherland in the USSR Armed Forces”, etc.


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