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A conversation with wounded Norayr. I feel that he does not want to pass again the way of pain and loss. Suddenly I am asking quite unexpected even for me question – whether he fell in love?

And he says that not yet, he has not found the one that can love. She should be a good housewife, kind, should respect his parents, be hardworking. Norayr is from the Karabakh village of Gishi. He plans to graduate from the institute, work, and have to live in his village:

– Our village does not look like a city, if you want you drive the jeep, if you want, drive in a bike. But the main thing is to be a man, to be respected.

– What does it mean – to be a man?

– A man lives to help others.

– Do you continue to be friends with your comrades?

– They died… We were four of us: me, Asoyan Azat, Khanoyan Ararat and Mamoyan Mraz. Suddenly I heard a shot and saw three adult men. Perhaps they were from special forces. I felt that a bullet hit me in the shoulder, the other – in the jaw. I fought the last effort to prevent them from advancing forward. Looked around, saw my comrades lying… And I ran for help…

– You’re a hero, a true hero!

– I am a soldier, I was doing my duty. Every soldier stands on the border to close the road to the enemy, otherwise that is a betrayal, desertion. Defense Ministers of Armenia and Karabakh awarded me the medal “For Courage”. But be brave – it is the duty of everyone, I think so.


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