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Captain Rudik Hakobyan, Chief of Staff of the battalion, military service medalist tells.

Six years I serve on the border, six years I live in the trenches, between life and death… When in 2009 I, as a platoon commander, went to the position, I felt something familiar. Yes, here life has a different value. I serve six years, but was never able to overcome the pain of the 18th June, 2010 when our on duty soldiers were killed…

For six years, I realized that the post equates soldiers and officers. During the service I realized the secret of our invincibility: we can give our life for our friend. We are always ready to avenge the friend, and none of us will participate in punitive action because of money.

Every day of my service proves that peace on the border is very fragile, sensitive, and its price is best known to the Armenian officer and soldier.

I serve six years, five of them I’m married. The service takes all my time, I am rarely at home, but my wife Arevik never is discouraged, she is a true friend of life.


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