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In March, 2009 Department of Strategic Planning of AF GS was organized

Interview with Department Head Major General Gennadiy Tavaratsyan.

– Experienced specialists, officers, who at one time served in the army, work in the Department. Our main objective is the strategic review of the country’s defensibility: assessment of the military-political situation, a descriptive analysis of wars and drawing conclusions from them for the development of our Armed Forces. We are preparing short-term and long-term development plans for the Armed Forces, which are approved by the President of Armenia. The development plan also includes operational means of the country’s territory: roads for military purposes, warehouses, management points, means of communication, channels, pipelines, etc. I.e. our infrastructure must ensure the functioning of the troops.

We are also developing a concept. For example, the concept of command with the task, which is already included in the program of combat training.

It is already 4 years we are working closely with all government agencies, ministries, mainly on the deputy ministers’ level. Together with them, we organize trainings on strategy, planning, territorial defense. Last year in the trainings all the ministries, departments were involved. People worked 3-4 days, carried out combat missions at command posts. This year, the volume of the exercises will be more, police units, Territorial Administration and others will also participate.

We have strong links with the member countries of the CSTO. We often meet, hold discussions. We have the same relationship with our partners in NATO. We discussed the strategic review plan with them.

We often meet with the leaders of the military-industrial sector, and I can assure you that this area has great potential for development. All depends on the ability to organize.

Interview by Lt. Colonel Aram Nersisyan

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