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Her nickname is Gayaneh, was born in Yerevan in 1979, already 6 years she is in the armed forces. Previously, she worked in the court, went to the shooting range, has a rank. When the contract-service was entered, she became one of the first scout-snipers. Gayaneh is also a parachute instructor, prepares soldiers for jumping. She has already jumped 152 times.

Her motto is: “Blindly perform the task and avenge the dead Armenian soldier.” When she takes revenge, her hand does not tremble.

– Weapon and sniper should be one body and one soul. I trust my life to it, and often even kiss it. Before and after the operation me – it is different people. Before the operation there is a pain inside me, and after it – silence… My strength is my persistence, and weakness… sometimes the woman speaks inside me, which bothers me.

– What is the strength of our army?

– In the devotion of soldiers and officers.

– What is the homeland for you?

– This is the indivisible integrity of the land, the people and the soldiers.

– Who is your hero?

– Monteh. Have you seen the photo where he is sleeping on a wooden bench? He never sought the soft spot.

– What is the criterion for a good commander?

– The commander must always be next to a soldier, in front of a soldier, but never – behind!

– What did you find in the army?

– Myself, my undiscovered shades.

– Is there time for personal life?

– I have a son, I bring up the future soldier.

– Do you deny the gender stereotype?

– If it is off duty, I agree to that. However it is unacceptable in the army. If we take weapon, carry out tasks, that means we are equal, we are strong. If one of the girls desires to come to us, I give her my backpack, weighing 20kg, and I say – if you can walk with this 1km, then you are welcome! We need people of high moral character.

– In the Women’s Day, I first would like to ask you to express your wishes to the Armenian woman, but now I changed my mind. In my opinion, a soldier needs your advice more.

– Dear soldiers, I beg you, never raise your head above the mentioned level…

Interview by Shoushan Stepanyan

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