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On duty soldier Saro Samvelyan committed suicide who found no other way out of the impasse.

It turns out that the guys, who served in the post, were not satisfied with the punishment provided by the charter, and they came up with their own “charter”.

An excerpt from the criminal case: “The squad leader Sergeant Sergei Karapetyan… to first arrived on alert Saro Samvelyan said that on his part, as a punishment, curse is determined, if someone while on duty will sleep, sit, take off the helmet or lower the weapon.”

And Saro Samvelyan, who was on duty for the first time, had difficulties. He was tired, could not stand the regime. Forgetting about curses or probably he didn’t take it seriously, he slept a little, and took off his helmet, and was sitting in the wrong place. For these Sergei Karapetyan beated him, threatened him about unflattering comments in the regiment. And at the same time he was late for 10-15 minutes for his duty, but somehow his “charter” was not working for himself.

And where was the foreman of the post – the officer?

An excerpt from the criminal case, “Lieutenant Razmik Khanian, violating the rules of combat duty, periodically did not perform combat shift change, voluntarily left the battle station.” According to his testimony, he had never seen the soldiers to beat each other, or curse, did not notice that Saro Samvelyan was suppressed.

But Saro’s comrades noticed that he is sad. In one of testimonies his colleague said that in such cases either they kill, or commit suicide.

All who have committed a criminal offense by a court decision received their punishment. As they say, the incident has been given legal assessment.

However, in the moral front, many questions remain unanswered…


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