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Company commander, performing combat duty, Captain Abraham Grigoryan by Decree of the President of Armenia was awarded the medal “For Military Merit”.

Captain Grigoryan tells.

It was on January 28. In the evening I wanted to have a rest but something was bugging me. I stood up and told the guys that I was going to the position. It is only later they would jokingly say, “You exactly have connections on the other side. Then why did you just go to that position?” Joking aside, but when you are connected with the land, with a vengeance feel danger.

I walked in the direction of the position and remembered how 3 years ago I wrote a report on my own and from the Ministry of Defense was transferred to a military unit under the command of Colonel Jalal Harutyunyan.

I went to the position and after a few minutes saw two heads. “Sappers, purify the way for others,” – I thought. They grew in numbers and reached up to 20…

We got prepared for battle, allowing them to come closer. Our brave guys worked hard. Among them: the platoon commander Lieutenant Samson Hovhannisyan, the foreman position sergeant Apresian, sniper, etc.

The fight ended. The enemy took away their wounded and dead…


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