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Recently commander of the air defense of Azerbaijani Armed Forces, Major General Altay Mehdiyev has been dismissed from the service. He is one of the most famous high-ranking military of Azerbaijan, participant of the Karabakh war. Perhaps the main reason for the dismissal of General was his national identity.

The thing is that, especially recently, the inter-ethnic conditions have deteriorated in the country, especially under the influence of Talysh factor. President Aliyev said these days: “We have to consider the factors that we thought they “sleep”, but they have begun to wake up and show signs of activity”.
According to Talyshistan National TV (TNT), General Altay Mehdiyev left everything and returned to his native Lenkoran. In this regard TNT, referring to the Talysh, serving in the Azerbaijani army, says:

“Dear compatriots. Is there anyone who has more merit to the Turkish government of Azerbaijan, than our compatriot General Mehdiyev? Let his current inconsolable situation and fate will be a lesson for those who will faithfully serve to someone else, blindly believing himself a full member and citizen of this country… Eventually the General returned to where he was supposed to be – to his people!”

In the end of the statement the TNT addresses Mehdiyev: “Dear General, head up! You should be happy that you were freed from the occupation army of Azerbaijan. Now you are free, and the Talysh people stand behind you… You have another job, and this time it is to free your people, to win independence for Talyshistan!”

Prepared by G. ASATRYAN

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