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Colonel Aramayis Manucharyan tells. He is one of the first graduates of the Military Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan.

– Firstly I would say that in the 2013 and in the 2014 we skillfully organized and implemented the protection of the state border. The main result is – no losses, no wounded. We believe that the task is completed. In the area of discipline, we have a good performance. Thus, violations, compared with last year, decreased by 50%, by 60% reduced incidents of hazing, by 80% – cases of self-mutilation. Last year, the military unit was inspected by the Chief Military Inspectorate and received a “satisfactory” rating.

Unfortunately, our current schools do not have the time and money (there is a lack of male teachers) to counter street manners. We, as well as military prosecutors, military police conduct explanatory work among the soldiers on the requirements of laws, regulations. Our goal is that every soldier meets his obligations fully, consciously. We do not allow that someone is left without attention, is isolated, we try to include all staff in social work.

In the military unit we have different public actives, in the companies – wall newspapers, sheet of combat is printed, there are amateur clubs.

At the officers’ meetings we discuss all cases that have occurred in the armed forces. There were times when we were discussing the behavior of our officers. Last year, three times an officer was invited at the court of honor. Such events have preventive value and set people on productive work.

Lieutenant Colonel

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