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The Ministry of Defence together with the schools conducts systematic work towards the education of the younger generation.

In the Yerevan school No.196 after Ashot Navasardyan all the holidays are observed, beautiful events are organized for glorification of national heroes, fighters-liberators and relatives of perished warriors are also in the focus.

– School is a primary element of military-patriotic education and ideological education is as important as combat, – emphasizes the school’s director Anoush Navasardyan. – They sometimes jokingly say that I have turned the school into a military unit. We asked the Minister of Defence to help us to visit Artsakh. We wanted to organize a pilgrimage on the paths of Independence Army. Minister supported us. We went to Shushi, Martakert, the village Tsahkaberd of Kashatagh region, which also has a school named after Ashot Navasardyan. Then we visited the military unit, where soldiers in July-August of 2014 prevented the sabotage attack of the enemy. You should have seen how the students listened to the stories of soldiers about those days, asked many questions.

Attention for the soldier is very important, he must feel that he is not alone. Soldier feels the public’s attention, its care, and inspires even more, he feels more compelled, because is convinced once again that in the rear all are dear…


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