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Interview with head of staff of a military unit Lieutenant Colonel K.Sargsyan

– The thing is that during the first test, in June, we received “unsatisfactory” rating, which was very unpleasant for us. We were given the opportunity to retake the exam. After that, we did everything to remedy the shortcomings. By the way, the second test was also sudden. However, this time we got a “satisfactory” rating. But this estimate is not the limit of our abilities. We deserve a higher valuation, and we will soon prove it.

Discipline in our regiment is on a high and solid basis. We have always been and continue to wage a tireless struggle against street manners in the army. I would say that on this issue there is a significant, I would say, a lot of progress. Significantly has reduced the number of incidents. There is no fact of AWOL in the military unit, I do not remember when there was such a case for the last time.

The military unit carries out combat duty on a fairly large front, under very difficult terrain and climatic conditions. Supply is excellent and staff is ready to perform any task.

Before the start of the winter training period, we also carry out front review to ensure that staff is fully prepared for the winter phase, which we start with a Special meeting.


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