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These days “Hay Zinvor” gets numerous letters and phone-calls from our citizens in connection with the extension of the terms of call-up and demobilization. Head of RA MoD Law Department, State Councilor of 2-nd class Sedrak Sedrakyan gave clarifications.

– Call-up and demobilization are announced by the Decree of the RA President. To ensure the application of this decree, the RA Government takes an appropriate decision.

On the RA President’s Decree No. ՆՀ-544-Ն dated October 15, call-up and demobilization are declared from December 2015 to February 2015. On October 16 the RA Government took a decision Nо.1112-Ն about the organization of the winter call-up.

With regard to the period of compulsory military service I’ll say that it is regulated by items 4 and 5 of article 4 of RA Law “On military duty”, and according to them the period of military service is 24 months, and the head of the authorized state body, in this case the Minister of Defense, may extend the duration of military service of individual soldiers and their groups (compositions) for up to one month.

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