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Interview with NKR Minister of Defense, Army of Defense Commander, Lieutenant General Movses Hakobyan

There are no serious changes on the frontline. We implement appropriate measures both in the direction of protecting our troops and confrontation. If the enemy will continue to behave this way, then we’ll strike a ruinous blow there, where he did not expect from. This is tactics. For this, our respective services are constantly exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, and we’ll hit exactly there where will be more painful for the enemy. And that does not mean that we’ll hit the weak side. We’ll hit the most powerful and protected place, after which the enemy for a long time will not be able to recover.

Once and for all the issues of food portions, its caloric, outfit of soldier are resolved. Armenian soldiers are very well endowed, both with food and gear!

The soldier must be ready for war to be peace. Once I was talking to a commander by phone and heard that somebody near him is weeping. That was position’s petty officer, who asked – why this have to happen to his position? I told him – that means you were not ready, your position was weak. You had to be ready, alert, you should have noticed on time. If you cry, you’ll achieve nothing.

I’m sure for 100% that our army’s victory is in its youth. A healthy change of generations – is a necessary and indispensable process in any sphere, and in that, in my opinion, is the main guarantee of victory and success!


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