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From November 6 to 16 in the framework of the military cooperation program between two Armenian republics operative-tactical exercises “Unity-2014” of RA and NKR were conducted under the leadership of Chief of the armed forces of the NKR B.Sahakyan.

The unit under the command of Colonel Varuzhan Nersisyan is also involved in the exercises. As Deputy Commander on work with staff Colonel D.Davtyan mentioned, the aim of the exercises is to improve commanders’ and staff’s skills for military units and sub-units management in case of a sudden attack of the enemy, to check the reality of bringing the unit to full combat readiness and to increase harmonization of the unit’s staff.

In the unit under the command of Major General M.Arzumanyan we watched the performed actions, which were mostly close to the fighting.



For the first time in exercises about 80% of the armed forces of Armenia and NKR are involved. For comparison – the most extensive exercises of the armed forces of the Russian Federation were held in 2013 involving 160 thousand soldiers, representing 20% of the RF Armed Forces, and in Azerbaijan Republic such large-scale exercises were never conducted.

In the exercises “Unity-2014” participate:

– from the side of RA AF: more than 17 thousand servicemen, artillery – 550 units, armored vehicles – 250 units, air defense – 150 units, antitank weapons – 300 units, special machinery – 100 units and more than 1200 vehicles.

– from the side of NKR AoD: 30 thousand military personnel, including from the reserve, artillery – 1550, armored vehicles – 600 units, air defense – 300 units, special machinery – 106 units, antitank weapons – 1300 units, about 3000 cars.

– In the exercises participate a total of about 47 thousand servicemen, artillery – 2100 units, armored vehicles – 850 units, air defense – 450 units, special machinery – 260 units, antitank weapons – 1600, about 4200 cars.


I myself do not feel very well, but when I saw the footage of exercises, its scope, as if my strength added, my breathing opened … Long live our homeland! Not every state can afford such exercises … This is not a show of strength, this is a guarantee of security … Long live our people, whose vitality and courage have no limits!

KAREN JANIBEKYAN, People’s Artist of Armenia

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