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Interview with deputy chief of the Sanitary and epidemiological safety service of the Military Medical Department Lieutenant Colonel Armen Isoyan.

Before a conscript goes to the army, by a joint decision of the RA Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health, in the relevant clinics preventive measures are being performed (before these vaccines were given in a central collection point). Through vaccination prevention of diseases becomes possible and infections are controlled. And fight against unmanaged infections is organized by complex methods, and all registered progress – is the result of teamwork.

Literally everything is controlled which is connected with the soldier: food, living conditions, linen, uniform, shoes are checked… And if something does not meet acceptable standards, then its entrance into the army is forbidden. We have a program of planned and unannounced inspections, our service staff get to the most distant parts of the military, even the checking points, investigate the living conditions of a soldier, the environment, how much everything is safe in terms of the spread of infections …

Today the food in our army is very high quality, diverse. Let’s admit that many of them even at home do not eat so. Of course, at one time there were shortcomings, but now they are corrected. The army is supplied with food by tender. We take the samples and examine thoroughly in our laboratories (we have bacteriological, hygiene, parasitology laboratories, now virology laboratory is in the process, we perform a variety of analyzes).


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