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Military Commissar of Malatya-Sebastia district

Before the winter call-up preparatory works are conducted in the military recruit office. Young men pass a medical examination, and if the recruit has health problems, we send him on patient examination, otherwise immediately provide a registration.

The registration process starts when the boys turn 16. And when they turn 18, again they come to the recruit office, pass a medical examination and then they get recruited. Those who have certain health problems, go to the Republican medical commission and wait for appropriate decision.

According to the Order of health examination of recruits and soldiers, the degree of aggravation of those diseases are defined, in case of which the recruit either gets appropriate treatment, or a delay, or is transferred to the reserve and is exempted from service.

The call is carried out in two stages – summer and winter. Those who are born in the first half of the year, are recruited in the summer period, and those who are born in the second half of the year – in the winter period.

Delaying the call for a month is due to the fact that the boys would be able to complete the 12th grade and had the opportunity to apply to universities.


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