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Camp trainings continue

According to the summer educational period preparation plan, artillery sub-units of the regiment under the command of Colonel S.Minasyan, which protects north-east borders of our country, since September 26 were included in camp trainings. Their main aim is to improve proficiency of artillery sub-units and strengthen professional, physical and moral-psychological qualities of the personnel in situations as much as possible close to the fighting.

Daily eight-hour field training at the same time contribute to the strengthening of mutual trust between superior and subordinate, because all live in a tent, share food, enjoy the same conditions of rest.

Two days before camping we send a group to prepare tent-campus, after that artillery sub-units, including division mortar, anti-tank batteries and mortar platoons of the battalion make a move to the destination, – says division commander Lt. Colonel Khoren Mkrtchyan.

To understand better the camp training, one day we spent with soldiers, spent the night in tents.

Morning rise was announced at 6:00. Ignoring the adverse climatic conditions – fog, rain, wind – artillery units started their studies on schedule – with morning exercises. The weather continued its vagaries: the fog thickened, rain was pouring, but that did not stop conducting training sessions. Units participated in the trainings in full regalia: helmet, gas mask, body armor, personal weapons, etc.

Training sessions, the predominant portion of which include a special and tactical training, were organized and held at the proper level. Even the most demanding military, who followed the trainings, was excited with quenching of participants, clear and rapid execution of orders, skill, with high level of organizational work of commanders.


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