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Interview with commander of the peacekeeping engineering-mining battalion of RA Defense Ministry Colonel Volodya Zalunts.

Until 2011 Mine Action Programme in the territory of the Republic of Armenia was carried out by means and efforts of appropriate services and units of the armed forces of Armenia. According to the Agreement, signed in 2002 between the RA Defense Ministry and USA Defense Department, Mine Action Centre was established. Already in 2003 demining work began in different parts of the country. In 2006 the process has slowed down. And, in 2011 by the decision of the Government of Armenia, it received a civil orientation and has been given more attention.

Mine Action Centre received the status of a statel non-profit organization “Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise”. Founder of the structure – the Armenian government, authorized state body – the Ministry of Defense. This year, for the first time the center’s specialists began to work together with the international organization Halo Trust. It provides overall direction, “Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise” controls the process, and the military of our peacekeeping engineering-mining military unit in conjunction with others are directly involved in mine clearance.

Now the demining in Syunik region is being conducted. Recently the work has been completed in the community Srashen, safety guarantee certificates of treated areas were handed over to the community leaders of the area. About 17 thousand sq.m have been defused, still there are two dangerous area.


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