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Interview with commander of the guard of honor RA AF Sokrat Vardanyan, who recently was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

– Mr.Vardanyan, my sincere congratulations on your promotion. We wish you health, happiness and new achievements in your service.

– Thank you for your heartfelt wishes. I would say that this is a very important event for each soldier, both getting new title and promotion. You can achieve it only with your honest and faithful service.

– You are the lucky ones who have the honor to represent our country and the Armed Forces to foreign high-ranking guests. Please, describe with two words the service of your department.

– Complex and demanding, since our main task is to worthily represent our country and its armed forces in various state functions in front of the leaders of various states. This was done and we continue to do till today with a high sense of responsibility at the highest level, as evidenced by dozens of awards and medals, which were awarded our guys.

– What criteria must comply with the recruit to serve in the company of a guard of honor?

– The recruit should have 180-187sm height, must be attractive, physically healthy, strong. He should reach the level of initial training, that he could fully use the arms and march properly.

– As far as I know, the guys have also other diet.

– Yes. Since our guys march a lot on the parade ground and for a long time, so to recuperate they are given an extra portion during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Naneh Simonyan

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