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Dear guys of the Armenian Crew of the Tank Biathlon Championship!

I congratulate you on your successful performance and the second place in the championship. We are all proud of your excellent results, which is evidence of use of military technology and brilliant performance of tasks by soldiers of Armenian Armed Forces.

Your achievement is a wonderful example for further professional development at all levels of our army.

Well done, guys!

Serge Sargsyan
President of the republic of Armenia

Dear tankers!

Your success and laurels of the winner in a tense struggle of 36 tank crews have become a symbol of professionalism of your commanders who both correctly and skillfully organized the crew’s training. For the Armenian soldiers it is the symbol that he does not retreat before any difficulty in performing the task and always keep high the name of the Motherland.

Thank you all for your skill and dedication. I am sure that every soldier of RA Armed Forces today wants to be like you, and will serve the country as you.

Seyran Ohanyan
RA Defense Minister

International championship Tank biathlon-2014 in the Moscow training grounds Alabino completed. Representing the RA Armed Forces team of tank crews took the second place, losing only to hosts, representatives of Russia. Third and fourth places were taken by the national teams of China and Kazakhstan. As a reward, the Armenian tankers from the organizers got T-90C tank as a gift.

The success of the Armenian soldiers could not be accidental. It is the result of consistent and ongoing work in the area of combat training in the armed forces.

Colonel Poghosyan handed the Defense Minister and the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces the certificate of the earned award. This is the evidence of the real victory of the Armenian armed forces.

Arsen Aghekyan

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