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-Good evening, Ivan Stepanovich, Poskrebyshev is on the line, sorry for this late call. Iosif Vissarionovich wants to meet you. When you can come?

-Just now, – answered Isakov and began to dress.

Being a professional soldier, he knew perfectly well that Stalin’s assistant’s question “when you can come?” was just a sign of politeness. He was ordered to go to Stalin.

-But why so late? – Admiral thought, he appeared in the “black list” of Supreme Commander?

… Stalin admitted Isakov immediately. He shook the hand of Admiral, offered a chair, he himself remained on feet and began without preamble:

-Comrade Isakov, you are probably aware of the unenviable situation of our Navy. What do you think that if we appoint you as Chief of Staff of Navy?

-Comrade Stalin, – said Isakov sighing with relief, – I should like to tell you that I have a serious defect, I do not have one leg.

-That is the only defect that you see fit to report? – either smiling, or sadly grinning said Stalin.

-That’s right! – confirmed the Admiral.

-We used to have a chief of staff, without a head, it’s OK, he worked – pointedly smiling Stalin said.

-You do not have a leg, it’s not scary, no doubt, and without a leg you’ll work well

… Congratulations on your appointment, good luck …

“This idea never leaves me that on a ship in the Finn Gulf protecting the borders of Russia, I defend also Armenia.” – Hovhannes Isakov

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