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Response of psychologist, reserve officer Tigran Khazaryan to the article “We’ll win with minimal losses” (“Hay Zinvor”, no. 28), which provides a conversation with chief of RA AF GS operative department Major General Artak Davtyan.

– Artsakh war never ended for our people, since from the beginning the ceasefire regime have been periodically violated, peace was very fragile, always on the border the shots were fired. Our country is small, and each family willy nilly is associated with the army, with the protection of borders: each family has either a soldier in the army or a serviceman-relative. I have not seen even one Armenian, who was not sure that we will win in the next war.

In Azerbaijan a society has developed that took the course of self-destruction, and in the neighborhood with him it will be very difficult to live. There is only one characteristic to Azerbaijan’s behaviour – crime.

A soldier of the Armenian army neutralize a commando group of the Azerbaijani army. This answers a series of questions.

Despite the hatred to the Armenian people (which is a consequence of the periodically conducted state propaganda program) Azerbaijani people are afraid of war.


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