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Azerbaijan’s anti-Armenian propaganda does not stop. Our people stand proudly and confidently, with dignity. We have always been patient, but at the same time, vigilant. Many are hoping for the mind of the Azerbaijani people, whith whom there were many cases of living side by side, sharing a meal… That was yesterday, let’s remember immortal Tumanyan and his poem “Ahmad”… This is so even today…

Azat Haroutyunyan lives in Bujakan village of Kotayk region. His grandsons serve in the Armenian army. “Peace – above all. Let my enemy sees no war, that is terrible! People don’t want war! Azerbaijani people are also against war, I lived with them, made friends, shared bread, I know! I had a childhood Azerbaijani friend named Saleh … I even wrote a poem about him”.

In his poem A.Haroutyunyan expresses the wish that there was no war, that war and victory were only in children’s games. He says: “God forbid, if we ever meet in the battlefield, then we’ll toss aside our weapons and hug each other. Pray God that there was no war, and then we’ll meet again and talk about our childhood … ”

Gevorg Asatryan

Category: #30 (1048) 7.08.2014 – 13.08.2014, Spiritual-Cultural, Spotlight