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Interview with RA AF GS Operative Department Head, Major General Artak Davtyan

– Mr.Davtyan, what is happening on the borders of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh? We’re at war?

– We are neither at war, nor in peace. Recent developments indicate that tension across the borders between Armenia and NK increased, growth of number of acts of sabotage is noticed, snipers activated. From the other side, Defense Ministry’s policy of openness and transparency gives the impression that there is unprecedented tension on the borders, and they even talk about war.

The aim of Azerbaijan is – to focus attention of the international community on the Karabakh problem, reducing the possibility of a peaceful settlement, obliging the authorities in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh to make unilateral concessions.

– In whose favor is time on?

– In favor of war. Extending the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh problem brings us even closer to war. In Azerbaijan such a generation grows that, unlike the Soviet generation, from childhood hates Armenia and Armenians. To conduct negotiations with that generation would be more difficult… For the current situation, I would use the expression “preparatory stage for war”. As you know, Azerbaijanis are shelling our settlements, border roads.

– Azeris shoot even our kindergartens!

– The enemy has three times more losses, but we do not conduct fire against civilians. You do not know how disastrous is a war for us, for NKR, for Azerbaijan. For us, the life of every citizen of Armenia is precious, human life is precious. Our army and our people are ready both physically and psychologically to complete with victory the war which the Azeris could provoke.

We never deceived our people and said that the war could start at any moment. We have implemented measures to ensure the security and livelihoods of the civilian population. Government agencies are also prepared, they have developed a special program of action.


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