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Interview with Head of Division of Military Police, Lieutenant Colonel Vahagen Aghajanyan.

– In the regiments which are under our service, in 2013, compared to 2012, cases of all types of offenses decreased by 26%. In particular, AWOL cases decreased by 45%, cases containing the criminal element – 3%. Serious crimes were not there. During the reporting period previously undisclosed (hidden) 21 cases have been disclosed, among them – illegal use of electricity, misappropriation of fuel, theft of military property, cases of soldier abuse.

I will say that cases of offenses occur mostly at night, when in the unit there are only duty officers. That’s why we prefer to be in the unit at night and carry out unannounced inspections, which is much more effective.

Everyone knows, by order of the Minister of Defense those commanders are punished who conceal perverse morals. We strive to make our army an army of devoted friends who respect each other.

If a soldier does not comply with an order, you need to talk about it out loud, nepotism should be avoided. Otherwise, we will have problems.


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