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Fight against street manners in the army should be implemented in all military echelons, but much more important is the participation of junior officers in this process.

According to sergeants’ majority, there is no need for military police to intervene in all matters within the military unit, since it creates atmosphere of fear, tension. This, of course, is only for those cases which do not contain an element of an offense or crime.

– Soldier should know his rights and obligations not mechanically but consciously. Sergeants also convey the importance of the proper organization of Socio-state training courses as a method of military-patriotic and ideological education, – expresses his opinion Chairman of the Board of the Sergeants, sergeant Vahram Hovsepian.

According to him, one of the best ways to fight against street manners – is to attract talented soldiers in cultural and other activities.

Sergeants say, it is important that unit’s life is not linked with the material component, since it has a negative impact on interpersonal relationships, leading to a different offense, even to crimes.

In this struggle, a positive role can play cooperation between commanders and soldiers’ parents, in particular, the active work of parents’ committees.


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