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On June 18 RA President Serge Sargsyan visited Georgia with an official visit.

Lt. Colonel Souren Darbinyan, Deputy Head of RA MoD International military cooperation Division, Defense policy Department tells.

– After gaining independence an effective system of cooperation has been formed between the defense departments of our countries. 2010 was a watershed in the sphere of military cooperation when the annual plan of military cooperation was signed between the ministries of defense, and this tradition continues till now. In the plan are included peacekeeping, mountain preparation, military education etc. The plan also provides for the exchange of experience in core areas.

As for the prospects of the Armenian-Georgian cooperation, it should be noted that currently opportunities are being explored to start cooperation in new areas.

Last year, the second stage of the RA strategic review of defense started. A similar process is also carried out in Georgia, that’s why cooperation and experience exchange can be effective in this sphere. Furthermore, we are interested in the Georgian experience of management reforms in the army, particularly in the spheres of professional army formation, army-society cooperation, civil control.

– What this cooperation could give to both countries?

– After the independence the Georgian army passed two stages of formation and reforms: before 2008 and after that. Now reforms in the Georgian army are institutional in nature: level of civil control and transparency increased, serious steps are implemented in the direction of increasing the defensibility, steady progress is noticeable in the areas of management of defense resources, improving the professionalism of the military, social security of their families etc.

It is worth mentioning also that the relations between our two nations are based on friendship and multi-layered historical and cultural commonalities. They are of great importance for the regional security. Cooperation between defense ministries of the two countries is aimed at ensuring long-term peace in the region.

Interview by BAGRAT MOVSESYAN, Lieutenant

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