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Colonel Razmik Simonyan’s memoires after 30 years of Afghanistan war give answers to the question – for what was the Afghan War?

Having a clear idea of the tragic consequences of the war and a clear assessment of the politicians’ political decisions, starting the war, Simonyan, as a real serviceman, does not protrude from the standpoint of criticism of the Afghan war but informs about his particular point of view. Yes, it was a brutal war, however the war was fought on the basis of the strategic interests of the Soviet country, and each soldier, fighting in Afghanistan, on the cost of untold suffering and blood, fulfilled his internationalist duty to the motherland and the people.

Surprisingly the hero of the book is not the Soviet soldier but… the Afghan people. The author tries to understand people’s pain, understand his hard life: “We loved the Afghan people, people, 80% of whose food consisted of stale bread, however he is proud, has dignity, is too patriotic. Living in such conditions, Afghani would not steal, not beg. He can rob with guns, but not steal… He is hospitable, punctual, courageous, he will protect you on the cost of his life, if you asked for protection. He will save you or die together with you”.

One of the great merits of Razmik Simonyan’s book “For the Homeland and Honour”, besides documental and historiographical value, is author’s good perspective on the world around and deep sympathy to а person.


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