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My family searched for missing soldier Sevan Toros Alikhanyan for 72 years. His mother Haykanush did not reconcile with the loss of 20-year-old son, though she got his missing document.

My grandfather’s brother’s destiny still haunts me. I was searching for him wilfully and was sure that one day I’ll find him. After all, life is full of surprises!

And the road led me to distant Lamsdorf. The document with Sevan’s photo has been made in 1942 in the German concentration camp Lamsdorf. It turns out that during the battle of Sevastopol on June 2, 1942 Sevan was captured.

I am confident that I’ll find the grave of my grandfather’s brother – Sevan Alikhanyan, and a handful of earth from his homeland would warm the remains of the soldier who rests under another sky…


P.S. While the material was being prepared for printing, the author got a letter which confirms that Sevan Alikhanyan is buried in a mass grave in Lamsdorf.

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