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On April 26 in the conference hall of the administrative complex of the RA MoD a scientific-practical conference was held on the subject of “Destructive cults and street perverse moral as a threat for defenses”. Heads of interested agencies, representatives of RA National Assembly’s permanent commissions, scientific-education sphere and NGO-s, Armenian Apostolic Church were present. Aim of the conference was: to make big efforts to preserve national identification of the young generation, eliminate causes which bring to crime among teenagers.

Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan emphasized that Ministry of Defense today carries all the responsibility of internal and physical health of the Armenian army, that’s why they have to clearly imagine course of propagation of destructive cults and sub-cultures. The Minister noted that during discussions on army – destructive cults relations often he comes across a primitive approach – that only those cults are dangerous which forbid to take weapon to defend Homeland. “This is only the visible part of an iceberg. I am not the man who is afraid of difficulties and dangers but I become scared when I think – maybe we trust weapon to an Emo with suicidal proclivity? I even don’t want to think, what would happen if machine gun appears in the hands of a soldier who is under the influence of Satanists.

Head of Information and PR Department Vardan Avetisyan in his speech emphasized that the Defense Ministry realizes continuous and long-perspective programs to improve patriotic education and presented the work done with schoolchildren and students.

– All the perverse morals and sects are born and increase because of our indifference and mistakes, and each passed day makes the struggle against it more difficult, – mentioned Mr.Avetisyan and presented disturbing facts: “Among the recruits for the last 1,5 year number of explicit sectarians increased for more than 5 times”.

Deputy Head of National institute of education of MoES Ms. Anahit Bakhshyan mentioned that today’s situation of the army significantly differs from the army which we had a few years ago, however there are problems. She mentioned also that it is needed to show tolerance if people belong to any religious directionality.


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