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On the order of RA President Serge Sargsyan, Aragatsa Murad Mkrtchyan was awarded the medal “For Courage” for bravery in the defense of the Homeland, for his outstanding contribution in ensuring combat training.

– I lived with a clear conscience and faith, always looked at my country with a clear view. Thank God, we have an independent state. To get results we need unity, united will. We must cherish our national values, our culture that tomorrow of our children be more light and clear. As writer Mouratsan said, “State’s basis is the family!” Our tomorrow’s defenders, soldiers of the army grow in families. We must cherish our army as our children. We, who participated in military actions, are ready today also, if necessary, to participate in the holy task of Homeland’s defense.

Glory to our country! Glory to our people! Glory to our army! – Aragats Mkrtchyan (Bondo)

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