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Recently in the army corpus under the command of Colonel Tigran Parvanyan a consultation was held headed by Defense Minister S.Ohanyan. RA AF GS Head, Colonel General Yu.Khachaturov, Minister’s deputies, GS Head’s deputies, commanders of army corpuses and other sub-units were present.

In his report Colonel Parvanyan presented the work done during the last year. Minister Ohanyan in his concluding speech gave very important instructions – first of all one should see a personality in the soldier, encourage him in front of the staff, give importance to details in person-to-person relations, conduct separate talks, be prepared not only ideologically but professionally as well, prevent cases of self-torture and suicide etc.

The Minister mentioned also about the threat of probable military actions, assess each second of time, not worry from the figures presented by the enemy and, God forbid, in case of new war challenge, quickly transfer the battle field to the enemy’s territory.

The Minister assured that he would be extremely demanding and would not forgive any omission. “The society gives us its sons, and we must return them better, perfect and healthy”, – said Ohanyan.


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