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Colonel Vahram Grigoryan is one of the skillful commanders of the army. He was the commander of the regiment implementing border defense. Since April he has been appointed as Commander of OCST CORF’s Armenian unit. This unit last year under the command of Colonel A.Smbatyan took part in CORF joint exercises and showed high results.

– In the middle of educational stage I was appointed as commander, – says Colonel Grigoryan. – In April, May, June all the functions intended by the program were fulfilled. The Commission gave as the mark “satisfactory”, but if they were not so strict, we could get “good”. From shooting and driving subjects the results were rather high. The first stage’s results of the regiment allow to say that during the previous commander good work has been done.

Aram Nersisyan, Lt.Colonel
Photos: Garnik Armenakyan, Captain

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