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Commander of the regiment after Marshal Baghramyan Colonel Gevorg Yenokyan tells.

– We conduct appropriate work so our soldier would become proficient in weapons, military equipment which are in the arsenal of the subunit. If last year we admitted soldiers from the combat regiments, this year again we get them from the gathering station. If previously only after transferring to the combat regiment the soldier could get vacation, now they go home from here, return back and only after that transfer to the regiments.

Majority of the students of this call-up have graduation, others are students or graduates from schools. Their health is also normal. As a commander of a regiment which prepares important specialists for the army, I’d say that I am satisfied with the start of the educational process. The winter educational stage we completed with good results, and we are determined to achieve higher results in autumn.

Aram Nersisyan
Photos of Garik Armenakyan

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