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On June 29 on the occasion of the Missing Liberation Warriors’ Memory Day Arm MoD and AF GF authorities, members of the Public Council by the Defense Minister, of the Governmental Commission on captives, hostages and missing persons, missing persons relatives, Artsakh war veterans and NGO representatives visited Yerabloor Pantheon, laid flowers and wreath on the memorial dedicated to the perished and missing liberation warriors of the Artsakh war, took part in holy ritual by RA AF spiritual head Father Vrtanes.

Commission on captives, hostages and missing persons holds meetings twice a year and carries on corresponding work.

“Operative-intelligence works on searching of missing persons continue however they are not so effective. We are trying to establish links with Azerbaijan with the aid of international structures”, – told S.Ohanyan and added that the lack of direct link does not allow to get full information.

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