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Interview with Capital Construction & Military Housing Department Head, 2nd class state councilor of Special State Service Ashot Grigoryan

– Mr.Grigoryan, which achievements have been registered in the sphere of military housing in the 1st half of this year?

– According to the “Armed forces capital construction and troops housing program”, the capital construction is aimed at optimization of military settlements and construction of new buildings. This year two military settlements’ construction will be completed. In one of the north-west regiments we have built a barrack, and construction of a canteen and a boiler house is in the process. We build barracks, store-houses, parking, bathhouse, storage for medicines, in Vanadzor we build a depot, training objects – in shooting grounds and training ground. We asphalt drill ground, renovate roofs.

– What are the criteria of new-built houses, and what is the situation of the buildings remained from the Soviet period?

– The new buildings have the criteria which are common for the developed countries. They are maximum comfortable. We try to substitute stage by stage the old buildings with the new ones. Those buildings which are not possible to renovate we dismantle them. This year we presented 25 buildings for dismantling. To improve the living conditions we provide the regiments with necessary building materials.

– Living conditions of the servicemen of frontier regiments especially need improvement.

– No doubt. That is also in our priority list. This year we’ll put into operation military accommodations. In Abovyan city we have already delivered a 61-apartment house, in one of the north-west regiments we build a 24-apartment house which we’ll put into operation by the end of this year. It is worth mentioning that the Defense Ministry solves the accommodation issue by providing funds for house rent of servicemen. Capital construction in the army is a permanent process. We build and renovate all the time.

Gayaneh Poghosyan

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