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It is difficult to underestimate the significance of the regiment after Marshal H.Baghramyan in reinforcement of tank, motorized infantry combat regiments with qualified military specialists.

Regiment Commander Colonel G.Yenokyan told: – These spring days are very important in overcoming the requirements of the training program since after 20-25 days the regiment should be ready for exams. From 17 disciplines the most attention is given to preparation of tank and BMP specialists. Here the main responsibility lies on Deputy Commander Lieutenant colonel G.Tigranyan. The training technology is used every day, even at night.

– We prepare tank and BMP commanders, gunlayer-operators and driver-mechanics. First they are trained on trainers. After acquiring certain skills they continue their training on military machines. Driving is compulsory for all. We must ensure technology’s continuous work. We are fully supplied with fuels and lubricants. The renovation staff works very well. We try to do the fixing work with driver-mechanic students’ participation, they see and learn. After the exams the students are given a special coupon-certificate.

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